Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I was smart enough to pack an umbrella, but too dumb to take it with me when the sky is covered in dark clouds. Because if there’s one thing the pacific northwest is known for, it’s the dry weather. Ate tinriely too many french fires – there is a food cart on hawthorne called the potato champion. At preston’s recommendation, I tried it out the fries with rosemary truffle ketchup and remoulade. From a street vendor. Oh city.
Spent the afternoon at the Chinese gardens – it turned out they were right beside the train stop. It’s not a large space – basically a single block, surrounded by a high wall. But the inside is beautifully laid out – it would be easy to spend over two hours just looking at the garden areas. There are three or four small pavilions which have little mini exhibits – currently they were running an exhibit on kites, though sadly I missed the kite making class. There is also a teahouse, and…yeah. The guy running the counter was some kind of tea sommelier – the menu was almost entirely composed of tea varieties and descriptions of their fragrance, tone, afternotes, etc. Chilled there for a few hours, drinking puer, eating almond cookies and reading. It was soothing. If I lived there I would probably buy a membership.
Headed back to the house and helped move a piano and organ. One of the guys' mom drove up from California to visit and made chicken tacos. Stayed up burning pallets in the fireplace for warmth, drinking and eating MnMs. Best house ever.

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