Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Still alive

Whoo, wow, Vegas destroyed my brain cells, sleep patterns, and work ethic. But I have spent today doing nothing but lying on the beach reading, followed by a farmer's market, and am now revitalized. I am going to fill in the posts between now and then and post-date them later, yes it's cheating, no I don't care.

Today was a vacation from the vacation. Got up, went back to bed, got up for real, made pancakes and lazed around the hostel, then wandered down to Ocean Beach. As it's still fucking cold it was pretty deserted, save for surfers in wetsuits and a few sunbathers. Spent a lovely six hours alternating between reading and frightening tidepool crabs, then wandered around the Newport farmer's market. Highlights of that include the best strawberries ever, an eight week old retriever puppy, and a hippie riding around a bicycle with a five foot long iguana sitting on the handlebar pouch. Apparently she really enjoys these excursions ('enjoy' in iguana terms means 'does not run away from'). I may do it again tomorrow.

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